Banyan Batiks Studio

Banyan Batiks is a division of Northcott and was established in 2017. We challenge all aspects of the batik design process with innovative tjaps (pronounced chops), creative designs and a vast color assortment. We set ourselves apart from other batik companies by offering cohesive collections that work well together in quilts and other fun projects.

Our mission is to bring the unique fabric designs made by the local artisans of Indonesia to quilt and craft stores around the world. We are passionate about supporting the long-standing traditions and culture of fabric production in Indonesia. We work with them to invent new techniques and gorgeous color ranges. We also like to have popular guest designers bring their unique style into the batik world. When you choose Banyan Batiks for your next project, you’re getting a truly original batik that is a hand made, one-of-a-kind!

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