Bloomin' Minds

Bloomin’ Minds is a pattern company that came to be in 2000.
I grew up on a farm in NW Iowa and learned to sew from my Mother and through 4H. I majored in art in College and learned a lot about color use. After I got married, I worked in a number of fabric stores and quilt shops through out the 80’s and 90’s.
A friend and I decided to try our hand at designing applique patterns for sweat shirts so we started a small company. Trying to decide on a name and coming up with zilch, I said we must be out of our blooming minds. It Stuck!
We parted ways after a couple years.
The designs have changed in style and size following the changes in peoples’ taste, but I remain focused on providing a product that is fast, easy and inexpensive. Some say my designs are “kind of twisted” but I prefer the word “quirky”. After all, if I can amuse myself with a design and others are entertained by it, I’m blessed.

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