Gypsy Quilter

The Gypsy Quilter Company was born in the spring of 2007. It began as a cottage industry. It is like most small businesses in America, it began with an idea and someone willing to risk it all. Lanette Edens, of Savannah, GA had an idea of developing a gripping tool to hold your ruler while cutting fabric with a rotary cutter to make the process much safer, faster, and more enjoyable. It took several months to get the product just right, so in the fall of 2007 the first item in the line, The Gypsy Gripper was introduced. This was the first item out of several to be developed by The Gypsy Quilter. Lanette was nicknamed The Gypsy Quilter by her quilting peers because she traveled non-stop promoting her products at retail quilt shows.

The Gypsy Quilter has been developing creative, useful, and innovative tools for the quilter and sewist ever since. Wherever Lanette saw a need for a tool to make things easier and more productive she developed a product to fill that need. It was decided that the line needed to stand out so all of the products were produced using our signature purple shade. Many customers have nicknamed it “The Purple Line”

In 2013 The Gypsy Quilter was purchased by Rob Krieger and moved to Maumee, Ohio. Lanette continues as a consultant for new product with The Gypsy Quilter. We continue to pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of these products – available through independent businesses worldwide. The diversity of the line shines through from our signature Gypsy Gripper to the Gypsy Sit Upon. Our mission is to provide unique and innovative sewing and craft tools that help you create beautiful projects faster and easier.

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