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Bloomin’ Cogwheel Book with 4 Blade Set

Learn how to create over 40 fantastic flowers, sprockets and cogwheels from 2″ to 20″ across using the Four Blade 22 1/2 ° multi-size ruler set and book.

Bursting with over 40 different plates, the Bloomin’ Cogwheels book shows you how to make your own George Jetson’s garden of flowers, sprockets and cogwheels and with every one you make there’s another one that is a mystery plate. You can even learn how to design your own Bloomin’ Cogwheels! Book comes with the 4 Blade Ruler Set 22.5 °, each one has 8 grooves each that are spaced 1″ apart so that plates can range from 2″ to 20″ across.


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