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Dresden Hexies CLPGRG010

Love hexies – but the thought of creating an entire project with those six-sided wonders makes your head spin? Dresden Hexies combines Dresdens cut with the Creative Grids 30 Degree Triangle (CGRISE30) with the hexies. Since a Dresden created with a 30 Degree Triangle has 12 petals (360 degrees divided by 30 equals 12), the hexie appliqued in the center instead of a traditional circle adds charm. Two petals fit on each side of the hexie. The added hexies appliqued in the sashing strips accents that feature of the design. After the blocks are appliqued, trim them all to the same size with the Creative Grids Square It Up and Fussy Cut Ruler (CGRSQ6). This ruler has horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to help center the Dresden right in the middle of the block before trimming. This is the perfect size to fit on the bar in your kitchen!
21-1/2in x 36-1/2in.
Creative Grids CGRISE30 is required, CGRSQ6 is recommended.
Project Time: 6+ Hours.
Fabric Type: Strip Friendly.
Project Type: Home.


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