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Famore Rotary Blade Handle & Blade Bundle 45mm 400RT

At Famoré Cutlery, we’re excited to introduce our latest addition, the 400RT rotary handle. Designed with the same commitment to quality and affordability that you’ve come to expect from us, the 400RT is a game-changer for your crafting and cutting needs.

What’s Inside:
1 Rotary Blade Handle
1 Famoré 400SKS 45mm Rotary Blade

Versatile Compatibility: The 400RT handle is designed to fit not only our blades but also any other standard 45mm rotary blade available on the market. It’s a versatile tool that adapts to your needs.

Experience the Difference: What sets the Famoré rotary handle apart from the rest is our innovative screw/nut mechanism. We’ve incorporated precision ball bearings into the design to reduce friction and minimize hand fatigue. With the 400RT, you won’t need to exert excessive force to glide through multiple layers of fabric. Cutting becomes smoother and more effortless, making your crafting experience truly enjoyable.

Famore Cutlery’s new rotary handle is designed with the same quality and affordability you’ve come to expect from us. The 400RT comes with one of our 400SKS blades and a special screw needed to use with our 400TC blades. The handle fits our blades as well as any other standard 45mm rotary blade on the market. What makes the Famoré rotary handle different from other handles currently available? Our handle’s screw/nut mechanism has been designed with ball bearings to cut down on friction and hand fatigue, i.e. you don’t have to press so hard to have it glide through multiple layers of fabric!

Size: 45mm
Made of: Metal and Plastic
Includes: 1 45mm Rotary Blade Handle and 1 45mm Stainless Steel Rotary Blade
Use: Fabric Cutting / Rotary


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